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3 Characteristics of Parents With Respectful Children


We've all seen it; someone else's child acting so disrespectfully in public to their parents that it makes us cringe of the thought that a child, YOUR CHILD, could ever act in such a manner. How can we avoid this for ourselves- is that even possible? Through my 10+ years of teaching Martial arts to children of all ages, I have noticed 3 distinct differences in parents who are able to raise their child with respect, and those who simply believe that they have no control over it.


Rookie Day Tours For New Campers

If you are considering day or sleepaway camp for your child next summer, a good way to get a feel for a camp is to tour this summer. Scheduling camp tours before sending your child to camp gives you and the future camper a chance to see camps in session which helps you understand the camp’s culture and program.


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