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Is It Just The “Baby Blues?”


We have all heard the expression “it takes a village to raise a child.” I have written in the past about women and couples going through infertility creating a support system during the process. That concept actually applies not only to individuals going through the infertility process but to all of us. Dr. Stephen Covey talks about interdependence in his best-selling book The 7 Skills of Highly Effective People. Another group that many people don’t think of as needing additional emotional support is new mothers. Whether it is a woman’s first child or her fifth there are a myriad of emotions and hormonal shifts that can occur during and after pregnancy. It is not uncommon to for a woman to experience the “Baby Blues” as early as a few days after delivering a new precious child. While many mothers get support in the first month for things like feedings and diaper changing the need for emotional support for mom can sometimes be overlooked.


Girls, On The Spectrum: Flying Under the Radar?

By Samantha E Gill

I was at a birthday party recently with my daughter and her service dog. She has special needs and she is 5. I was talking to another mom and her daughter is 3. She was watching my daughter and we were discussing kids, motherhood and all "that stuff". As she told it to me "this wasn't her first rodeo." She had been married for 30 years and has 3 grown children. She and her husband then fostered and adopted children and found themselves with little ones all over again, much to their true delight. Some of these children have delays and if there ever is a "super Mom", she would get this title. She rocks. As she was watching my daughter she said, "I am wondering if that will be my little one at 5?" it was a rhetorical question. Our girls had a lot in common - actually a lot in common, hence this question. We were then quiet and watched our girls play side by side one another.


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