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True Love Starts With Yourself


Many may have heard the expression to truly love someone else we need to love ourselves first. While we think we are showing love all the time with doing and being everything to everyone we think is important to us, we are very often not loving or “filling the emotional tank” for ourselves. I recently did a book club gathering of the “Five Love Languages” and although the original concept was for married couples if you check out the book on Amazon you can see the additional titles that have come as an extension of the concept. We all have a love language and what fills our tanks is as different as we are. So this summer in an effort to challenge women to be open to receiving the love that they deserve I want to recommend a few things to help in the self-love department.


What most parents don’t know about Stranger Danger

Have you ever taught your child “don’t talk to strangers?” If so, you’re not alone. While child safety is every parents primary concern, this is just one example of a misguided or outdated tactic many parents use to teach their children about safety.  Are you teaching your child the right ways to stay safe?


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