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A Mom’s Sick Day

By: Shannon Reeves

Well, it’s that time of year again. The flu is looking for its next victim and guess what Mom? YOU’RE IT! Get ready to be waited on hand and foot. Prepare yourself for back rubs, hot baths, breakfast in bed… oh wait, sorry, that was for when Dad gets sick. We all know that when a mom is sick there is no real sick day to be taken. Even my doctor laughed when she said, “Try to rest and stay in bed if you can.” She knew I had a husband and toddler at home that would need me up and moving or their world would fall apart. Since we know this isn’t going to happen I figured, just for fun, let’s compare a mom’s dream sick day vs reality. Hey, everyone can dream right?


Top 8 Things to Consider When Looking for a Camp

By Jess Michaels

Thinking about day or overnight for your child? Besides learning new activities and making friends, camp provides children with the opportunity to gain important life skills such as independence, communication, critical thinking, and self-confidence. When starting to look for a camp, parents should look into the following at the camps they are interested in.  These considerations will help families make an informed decision about camp for their child.


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