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In Our Daughter's Eyes

by Patricia Mooneyham


As parents we often do not realize how profoundly the measure we set for ourselves can define our children's opinions, especially their opinions of themselves. This is especially true when it comes to things like appearance, self-image and self-acceptance. Hollywood and the fashion industry have set unrealistic expectations - even more so for women than for men. Photographic and computer graphic technology has become so advanced that images and especially images of people can be "enhanced" beyond recognition. The overwhelming influence of the entertainment industry on ourselves may sometimes make us unaware of how much our own self-image influences our children and as women especially our daughters.



What You Might Expect About
Your Little One Turning ‘ONE’

by Samantha E Gill


I am a Mom of a 6 year old well child and a 4 year special needs child. So the whole ‘milestone’-thing can be a touchy subject. Since my first child was an ‘overachiever’ I was all about the magazines and websites with milestones. I loved to read them! You know: “Oh… she totally already did that!” or “she can point to like 6 objects!” Then when I had my 2nd child and she was delayed I suddenly found myself completely irritated with authors like myself: “who the heck is this chick to tell me that my daughter should be saying 2 or 3 words, maybe my daughter is shy. Maybe she will be the poet in the family!” You know how it goes. Fast forward 6 years later, one child is going in 1st grade, one child has a service dog and is doing great in her special needs pre-k and life is good! And really milestones are really just that: markers – little lists for us to see if our little ones are kinda-sorta-maybe on their way. And if they aren’t yet, the cool thing is, it’s totally okay because these markers, help you intervene early, help, and then your little one thrives, grows and does awesome. Life really is good. There’s no reason to panic! I promise!



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