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Service Dogs for Children
Samantha E Gill


Every Sunday at 8am you will find me, my 7 year old Audrey, my 5 year old Addie and her 2 year old service dog Data, sitting in a pew at Church. Well, let me rephrase that: I am sitting in a pew a church. Audrey fidgets, and Addie is laying on top of Data under the pew. Having special needs and sitting through most tasks (any) can be taunting. However, having a service dog (aka: Super-Data) can make all the difference. So, where did this super-hero of sorts come from? How does a child like Addie get a service dog?


10 Ways to Kick Start the School Year

Lisa Figueiredo

While the summer months are filled with carefree days, swimming, pool parties and lazy days, the new school year seems to start as quickly as it ended. With back to school ads starting in July, preparation for the first day comes well before the eve of the big day.


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