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Breastfeeding: Notes From a Real Mom

by Brie Latini


When we found out I was pregnant with my son, I knew immediately that we would choose breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics, and widely considered the “best” feeding choice for infants and toddlers. There would be a minimal amount of bottles to fill, wash, and pack. As long as my body cooperated, we would never run out, eliminating the need for a late-night run to the store for formula. Happily, we were able to nurse successfully, but it was a tough start while we both tried to figure out what we were doing! During that time, I reached out to anyone I could for advice, and found that the most useful information came from other nursing mothers. Here’s a list of the ten best tips I received:



Dying to Be Thin:

Battling the Unrealistic Beauty Standard

by Kelly N. Moore, Psy.D.


Turn on any television program, open up a magazine, or watch a music video, and you are bound to see something very similar: images of women and men as predominately good-looking, thin and/or muscular, and advertisements with the latest dieting or exercise craze. Over the past decade, the American ideal beauty standard of white, thin, and blond, has continued to be challenged by celebrities in the public eye that have embraced a more realistic body shape that is typical of most women and men in the everyday world. Meghan Trainor’s popular 2014 hit “All About that Bass” is not referring to the booming sound coming through your speakers, but rather a tribute and a plea for women to love their curves and recognize that the PhotoShop images that we see in the magazines aren’t real either, nor should it be our life’s goal.



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