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BY: Cheryl Lynne Potter

For kids, summer is filled with fun, plenty of visits with family and friends and lots of activities. That’s not the case, however, for most moms and dads. For them, summer is nothing more than spending another day at the office. Summertime can be especially hard for working moms who try and juggle their professional responsibilities with their desire to spend time with their children, who are home all day from school. Experts say, the summer months is also the time of year when most working moms want to quit their jobs because their workload doesn’t allow much summer fun with their children. This lack of availability makes working moms feel like they’re shortchanging their youngsters and can make them feel extremely guilty, which is also known as mommy guilt.


College Bound: Leaving Younger Siblings Behind

By Dolores Hoffman

Going to college is a rite of passage.  Moving out is a time filled with big change.  When it’s time for your teen to head to college, remember it affects everyone in the home.  Staying connected and helping the younger siblings adjust takes planning to make the transition go well.  Here are a few suggestions to help make it go as smooth as possible.


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