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Birthday Parties on Every Budget

By: Kelly N. Moore, Psy.D.

Birthdays! I have a friend that referred to it as our “trips around the sun” and I have used it ever since! They are times of great celebration, especially for our little ones! The way we celebrate birthdays is varied- from those that treat it like just another day with very little fanfare, to those who treat their birthday like a national holiday. Whatever your pleasure, here’s some ideas to consider for celebrating your child(ren)’s birthdays for any budget.

Some general ideas to stay within your desired budget:

  • It’s a numbers game

If you want to keep your birthday party budget down, consider paring down your guest list. Every child that knows your child doesn’t have to be invited. A cool strategy can be inviting the number of kids relative to your child’s age (e.g., 9 friends for a 9th birthday party). This will help in stretching your budget so you aren’t paying for the cost of lots of extra people. If money is no object, then invite away! J Also, use local dollar stores and online stores to get good deals on items for your favor bags!

  • Focus on your child’s interest, not how it looks

Whether your budget is big or small, focus on your child’s interest. Typically, you can throw a great party at a bowling alley or skating ring for any cost, but your budget determines how much you add to your party package. Either way, a party should be about what your child is into. So if your child loves video games, and you don’t want to pay for one of those fancy trucks, consider letting his or her friends just come hang out and take turns playing on your system at home. Don’t get too caught up in how it looks to other adults. The kids will have fun as long as they are free to do what they like!

  • To party or not to party…

If you have a few kids and if you’re someone who throws parties all the time, it can be a lot on family and friends to come to 3-4 parties a year and be expected to give gifts. So depending on your budget, consider only having “big” parties during milestone birthdays like 1, 5, 10, 13, 16, etc. Your budget may not be a factor, but everyone may not be in the same position.

  • Consider staying home!

Birthday parties that are held in the comfort of someone’s home or at local public parks are usually a great way to keep costs down for parties. No matter what time of year it is, you can solicit ideas from creative friends, family, or good ole Pinterest to transform pretty much any space into the theme party of your child’s dreams. Just be careful! Sometimes, this budget can get out of hand if you go too crazy with decorations. Set a budget and stick to it. They will have plenty of birthdays for you go bigger throughout the years.

Some ideas for fun birthday parties that you can do on any budget, without sacrificing the fun:
Playground Party
Bowling Party
Movie Theater Party
Art Party (at a local Paint party place)
Arcade/Gaming Party (at home or a gaming truck party)
Music Celebration Party
Baby Gym Party
Sports-themed party
Tea Party
Backyard BBQ
Pool/Splash Party

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