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Top 8 Things that Makes Camp So Awesome

There is no doubt that camp is recreational, but there is so much more to camp than just having fun outside. Camp is a unique environment built specifically for children that allows for the development of life skills, some of which are hard to gain in any other environment. Check out just a few of the things that makes summer camp so awesome.

1. Gain life skills need to be a successful adult - According to research done by the Partnership for 21st Century Learning, the skills needed to be successful in the 21st century include communication, creativity, leadership, responsibility, and collaboration—all skills incorporated into many summer camp programs. At camp, children develop these skills needed to become secure, contributing and successful adults.

2. Children gain independence –From getting on the day camp bus by themselves to choosing his or her own elective activity, camp provides many opportunities for children to gain independence. With each step towards independence, children gain confidence in knowing they can make their own decisions.

3. Take a break from technology - According to a Kaiser Foundation study, children between the ages of eight and 18 spend an average of 7+ houses a day engaged in digital media. The majority of summer camps don’t allow for personal electronics including smart phones, which makes camp one of the only technology free environments. Campers communicate face to face instead of through texts, allowing for real conversation and for strong friendships to form. Children also enjoy the outdoors instead of staring at a screen all day.

4. Make new friends – American Camp Association research shows that 96% of campers said they made new friends at camp. The camp environment makes it easy for children to make new friends and form strong friendships. Children participate in activities together, eat together, share in camp traditions and at overnight camp, live together.

5. Children try new activities – Children have the opportunity to participate in many new activities at camp including different sports, boating and outdoor adventure. Trying new things allows children to discover their interests and try things in a safe environment. Research by the American Camp Association has shown that 63% of children who tried new activities at camp continue to participate in some of those activities after they go home.

6. Build resilience ¬When a camper goes to camp and feels homesick those first few days but then has the best time days later or a child is scared to do the zipline and then faces her fear and accomplishes it, he or she is building resilience. Resiliency is an important skill to acquire and helps children get through the many ups and downs that are inevitable in life.

7. Children build confidence – Each day, children try new things at camp and when they succeed, they feel good about themselves. Whether it’s the first time a child puts her head under water or gets to the top of the climbing wall, there are numerous opportunities each day for a child to feel good about themselves.

8. Become part of a community – Children become part of a caring and supportive community at camp. Year after year, campers share in the traditions of the camp and become part of a summer camp family.

Looking for a camp for your child? Parents can contact Renee Flax at the American Camp Association, NY and NJ for free, one-on-one advice in finding the right camp for their child This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it /212.391.5208.

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