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A Mom’s Sick Day

By: Shannon Reeves

Well, it’s that time of year again. The flu is looking for its next victim and guess what Mom? YOU’RE IT! Get ready to be waited on hand and foot. Prepare yourself for back rubs, hot baths, breakfast in bed… oh wait, sorry, that was for when Dad gets sick. We all know that when a mom is sick there is no real sick day to be taken. Even my doctor laughed when she said, “Try to rest and stay in bed if you can.” She knew I had a husband and toddler at home that would need me up and moving or their world would fall apart. Since we know this isn’t going to happen I figured, just for fun, let’s compare a mom’s dream sick day vs reality. Hey, everyone can dream right?


Dream: Alarm is shut off! Your significant other allows you to sleep in. He tells the kids to stay quiet and not to bother Mommy so she can rest. They make a beautiful breakfast that they bring to you so you don’t have to leave the bed. Your husband runs a nice hot bath for you, even adds some bath salts and bubbles so it’s extra relaxing.

Reality: Your significant others alarm keeps going off and wakes YOU up instead of him. The kids are running around and want to know what is for breakfast because they are, of course, STARVING. You get up, make them a bowl of cereal, throw on some cartoons and decide to take a hot bath to help your aches. You walk past the bedroom door, where your husband is still sleeping peacefully, and head to the bathroom. You know there is no time for a bath so you reach in, turn the water on, get undressed and step into the shower. OUCH! You stepped on the toys from last night’s bath time that you asked your husband to please put away so you could lie down.


Dream: You are so relaxed from your bath that you decide to take a long afternoon nap. When you wake up your husband gives you a nice back rub and says he will be making dinner that evening so you don’t have to lift a finger. You are able to get caught up on some Netflix shows while your little one is quietly coloring near you because she wants to stay with mommy.

Reality: You get out of your shower sorer than when you went in. Throw your hair into a wet messy bun because, who are you kidding, you have no time or energy to do anything else with it. Oh hey look, hubby is up! He wants to know if you will be making dinner because he has to go to the gym and will be hungry when he gets back. By now your kids have made a mess in the house and have eaten cookies and chips for lunch so you decide to keep the health kick going and order pizza for dinner.


Dream: The dinner your husband made was so yummy and sat well with your sick stomach. He gives the kids their baths, reads them their bedtime stories and gets them to bed early so that the house can be quiet to help your headache go away. After a long day of good rest and liquids, you are already starting to feel better.

Reality: The pizza you ordered was too greasy for your upset stomach so you ate some crackers while the rest of the family enjoyed their hot meal. You decide the kids got a bath last night, they will survive without one today. Your husband was so exhausted from his workout that he took a hot shower and went to bed without you even noticing which means you are on bedtime duty tonight. After you read the kids their stories you realize the house is a mess and you cannot go to bed with it looking like that. You clean off the dinner table, do the dishes, clean up the toys that we left out and throw the laundry into the hamper. It is finally time for bed! You hear your little one crying and calling for you because she threw up all over her bed and has a fever and aches. No matter how bad you feel you know you need to put on your Superwoman cape and go from Mom to Nurse.

Now, of course, this is not how it is for all moms out there. However, it does paint a pretty good picture of what most moms have to deal with even when sick. This is why moms are superheroes. Since “sick days” don’t really work out for us, next time you are feeling really good, send the kids to a sitter and TAKE A SICK DAY!

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