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Pay it Forward with Your New Year’s Resolution

Pay it Forward with Your New Year’s Resolution


For some, New Year’s Day marks the beginning of a new experience or trend. For others, it means possibly breaking an old habit. This year, why not commit to making an impact in the community or environment?

New Year’s Resolutions, such as weight loss, spending time with family and even saving money, are common resolutions of the past. As an alternative, consider these unique New Year’s Resolution ideas:

Weekly Card Giving:
On New Year’s Day, begin a list of every person you interact with on a regular basis. For most people, identifying 52 individuals is not difficult to do. From church members to a local florist, or even a hairdresser, begin listing all of the individuals who provide a service to you at some point during the year. From this list of 52 individuals, begin sending a card each week of the year as a way of expressing gratitude for their service and care.

Donate One Item to Charity per Month: Most of us can locate 12 items we consider of little value in our homes… items we may no longer use or wear, or even items we keep stored away. Each month, on the first day, gather one unused item and make a trip to a local charitable organization for donation. After several months, you may find that more than one item gets donated each month. Do not forget your charitable tax deduction receipt!

Donate Two Hours to Charity Per Month: Charities all over the country rely on citizens of the community to support and serve the cause. As a New Year’s Resolution, pick a regular and consistent day of the month to participate in local charity volunteer service. For example, you may choose the third Saturday of each month. Find a local charitable organization in need of assistance and make a commitment to work two hours on a specified day of the month. In doing so, you will provide support to the organization and your community.


Bake For Your Neighbor: Is there a senior living alone in your neighborhood? As a friendly neighbor, pick a day each month to share some baked goods with them. Prior to doing so, inquire of any health concerns, dietary restrictions and special interests. Prepare baked items based on their health needs and prepare neat gift bags with activity based items that strengthen memory skills, such as word search or game books.

This New Year’s, consider establishing a resolution unique to your community and to the people who service and bless your life. Rather than focusing on personal goals, focus on paying forward a token of kindness. In doing so, you may find your New Year’s Resolution will become a positive new habit and tradition for many years to come.




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